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Boat US Membership is Ready!

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Well we are finally all set up and ready to roll. Our membership price is $9.50!

To sign up online click here:
Boat US Membership Sign Up

Or if you prefer, you can call 1-800-395-2628

When signing up, you MUST use our LSCN group number which is: GA83174Y. If signing up online, you enter this number under the "Tell Us About Your Boat" section after "If you are part of a BoatU.S. Cooperating Group, please give your Coop Group #"

I signed up a few hours ago online using our number at it works! Good luck and if you have any questions or problems let me know.


P.S. If anyone wants to put me down as referral: Robert Eaton, Member #04804032. Not really sure what this does, but thought I'd try!
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This is for the boat insurance through them, right?

What if you're already a member, which I am?

This is not for insurance. For details on what you receive with the Boat US membership click here: Boat Us Membership Rewards. If you are already a member, you can renew your membership under the LSCN group number to receive the price break and other discounts. You may have to call the 800 number I posted if you are renewing, not sure if you will be able to do it online unless you want a new membership number.

Eaton007, thanks. For some reason I was under the assumption you guys were talking about their boat insurance (which we have) as well as membership. Thanks!
ermind me to do this
Where do you put the group number in???


or Here Cooperating Group, please give your Coop Group # :

It won't work for me here at the office... I wonder if it's because we are behind a firewall?? I'll have to try it when I get home. I get nothing but errors when I try to fill in the information....
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Can you do this at the store level?

I need to go in today or this weekend anyway.

Thanks for setting this up. Iam currently a BoatUS member, but I will take advantage of the discount when I renew.
You can call BoatUS now and give them the membership number so when they send you the renewal slip the discount is already on it.
Hello Eaton 007, Does our membership include their towing program?
WakinUp: You put our number under the "Tell Us About Your Boat" section then after the "Cooperating Group, please give your Coop Group #"

*When you get to the bottom of the form, and have entered our group number in, the price should read $9.50.

The Perfect Fit: I signed up at work as well and we are behind a firewall. Maybe try again or like you said just do it at home. Good Luck!

PyrateJim: I don't see why not, give it a try and let us know!

rfdeiter: Yes, the membership includes $50 of free towing insurance. If you want more, you can sign up for more. Just to be safe, I signed up for the unlimited towing for $99. Since it's my first season on Lake St. Clair and I have a pretty big boat, I thought it would give me some peace of mind!
Cap'n Rob: Do you think we should pin this thread for a few days to make sure everyone gets a chance to see this and sign up?
Can others sign up under this number as well? I have a cousin who is a Boat/US member but has an 18' and basically does inland boating only. Can she sign up and give our group number as well?

I think pinning this up at the top for awhile is a great idea.

Great idea! I just called and applied for the discount. Just in time, my membership expires in April.

PyrateJim: Our group number is technically for LSCN members, but I don't see why a fellow family member couldn't use it!
Just called mine in to re-register for this year with the group # and I also got unlimited towing. Paid 108.50 for the year. Thanks Bob,
I am glad you set this up!
I know it has to go in the "Tell us about your boat" section. but what box does it go into????
QUOTE(Eaton007 @ Mar 28 2003, 02:24 PM)WakinUp: You put our number under the "Tell Us About Your Boat" section then after the "Cooperating Group, please give your Coop Group #"
"Cooperating Group, please give your Coop Group #"
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