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Bottom Paint

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I'm looking into having the bottom painted on a Crownline 270. It's never been painted. Should I have the epoxy basecoat put on first or is just paint sufficient? The epoxy basecoat is going to be about $2000 and I'm just wondering if it's worth the money.
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If you decide to have the epoxy paint applied I'd shop the job if the boat is trailerable. The $2000 estimate seems high if the hull is clean and ready for prep and paint.

The epoxy is supposed to act as a water barrier, and prevent blistering. If you keep the boat in the water, not on a hoist, I'd recommend the epoxy. Blister repair can easily exceed $2000.
Is epoxy basecoat the same as gelcoat? If so, I know it is strongly recommended, especially if it is kept in the water. $2000 does sound high though. Shop around
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