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Nobody is helping you so I'll chime in.

Get yourself 4 Hi-fin bucktails (single treble hook) from your favorite local tackle store. Get one in white with nickel blade, one in black with nickel, one with black perch and copper blade, and your own color choice on the fourth. Hi-fins run about $13 each.

Run them 3.8-4.5 mph about 40-60 back (no further) and 2-4 oz of weight ahead and snapped on the leader to catch weeds and hold the bait a few feet deeper.

You end up running the lures no more than 6-8 feet down over 15-20 fow.

The big thing is finding the fish. The center areas of the lake and the south shore both on the Canadian side has been hot.

Do this all day from dawn 'till dark while checking your baits every 30 minutes for weeds, and you will catch some fish. I'm no charter captain but I have been on a few boats and this is how they trolled bucktails.

If you aren't sure of my advise, send a PM to troller11 and do whatever that guy tells you to do or he may chime in again to your thread. jquintano78 posted a thread with an open seat for tomorrow am. If you are not working I'd go with him to see how he does it as he catches some nice fish.

Report back with pictures.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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