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Nothing like fishing in the Ozarks...

I've fished LOZ (Lake of the Ozarks), Table Rock, Beaver, and Grand Lake of the Cherokees (Oklahoma) during Central Pro-Am events. Night and day difference in terms of Michigan waters with two notable exceptions....Clear water and bass.

Table Rock, Beaver, and Bull Shoals are known for clear water. This time of the year, suspending jerkbaits are the number one producer (Especially Rogues & LC Pointers).

Jigs, IMHO, produce year round on these bodies of water, but I would consider throwing a downsized jig (Eakins, bitsy bug, etc.) in the clear water.

Crankbaits can be productive as well (especially phantom craw Wiggle Warts).

Last but not least, finesse tactics in deeper water (grubs, drop-shotting, split-shotting).

Be sure to check the bass fishing home page and other sites to see what the local fishing reports are saying.

Personally, I would spend more time on Table Rock or LOZ as I think they are better fisheries (especially when compared with Beaver), however, if you stick with any of these bodies of water, you will find fish eventually.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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