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Buying a digital camera

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Looking to get a good digital camera and I'm comfused where to go. I think I'm set on getting a Sony. Who has the best prices?
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Usually Best Buy.
I'd buy from the Internet. Prices are so much cheaper than Best Buy and Circuit City. Sit at home one night and just start searching the internet for the specific model you want. Picking the model is the hardest part though.
Bought my Nikon Coolpix camara at Best Buy. About $250.00 and it takes great pictures as you see on the site.

awesome prices and prompt delivery and no switch and bait tactics.
They are a huge photo site and they have links and special deals for tons of cameras. They also ususally have freebies with it, like free digital prints or my friend got a free advantix camera and film with her digital camera and including shipping, it was all cheaper than any store.
QUOTE(Snowmaker @ May 7 2003, 08:38 AM)Usually Best Buy.
Did you get a part time job there yet so we can get a discount????
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Call the Sony outlet at Birchrun after you check out the prices at other places. We bought one a couple years ago, it was $100.00 less than anyplace else.
look at Very respected camera store in New York. Good prices and great service

Check out if your not sure which camera to get

You can also try this new search engine that google has created. It's still a beta version but works pretty good. The search engine was designed to search for products.
we bought ours a few years ago from (Olympus D-400 zoom )

it is a rebuilt one but have had no trouble with it!! Don't remember what we paid- it was almost 4 years ago ???
I bought a G3 from Dell.
Check out look around for camera deals.
the current posted camera deals expire today, but they have been having alot from day to day so keep an eye on that site if not ready to purchase today.

I spent alot of time looking for the best price / reliable / authorized dealer.
I settled on Dell because it was a little more than Buydig at the time, but wanted to make sure I was covered if something was wrong with the camera. A friend bought the same camera from Buydig a month later and had no probs though.
She bought a Sony...

Wonder why I can't buy a boat

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