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2K, huh?

Yes, it's been a long, strange trip my friends. Why I remember just last fall, when the air was crisp and the leaves were just beginning their delicate descent to earth when I noticed something unusual happening at this little outpost on the web called The Lake St. Clair Network. True, I had been a member since April of 2002, but it wasn't until late fall and into early winter that I came to know this rag-tag bunch of hooligans, called the "peeps", as truly a unique bunch. It wasn't until then that most anyone got the nerve up to actually go to an "event" where the rest of the "board" went on a weekend night. In mid winter I met the first of them and quickly became hooked on their witty senses of humor and their everyday escapades. In that short span of time, it almost feels like I've "seen it all". And with that I give you a "quick" poem I wrote for all the peeps...

"I've Seen It All"
By Campari J. Campari
(or something like that)

I've seen it all, from the first to the last,
from mice in the house to the prices of gas.
Slayers of midgets and men with brave sons,
whities thrown up and too many buns.
Camps with two fires, and the birth of a child,
and the peeps who might sometimes just get a bit wild.
Nuts who paint cars and all drive in a line,
and classy young women who sometimes sip wine.
Big red bus drivers, who send many pics,
And hillbilly neighboors who act just like pricks.
Poop on the lawn and the wrecking of cars,
while some of us of regularly close out the bars.
Shooters named after a firemen we know,
And a cute little lady named Incognito.
Too many hours spent posting in threads,
and too many mornings with thump-thumping heads!
Go-fasts and cruisers and b.o.a.t.s. that don't "track",
and lurkers who peek but never come back.
Birthdays and sick days and days at the spa,
and one who is recently a first time grandpa.
Captians and captains and old sammich lovers,
and a couple who sometimes get 'neath the covers!
Families big and families small,
And a few who might not have any families at all.
Whether new to the board or an angry old fart,
all are welcomed in here with a big open heart.
And while many make fun of, and poke fun and tease,
some take it lightly with hazy memories.
Others they fight, but it never gets far,
cause they know they'll get their a$$ kicked out of this bar.
For this place is not for the cussing and fighting,
But it's rather for pooping and wave runner riding.
A place where the patriots and makers of snow,
get pampurred and given a great puppetshow.
Big daddys hang out and oh, here's a shocker,
There's even some dude who's damn name is "Focker"!
Wizards who captain ships across the pond,
babydolls, carbs and a cool cat named "Fonz"
Fisherman flock to this place by the dozen,
though some just might be a friend or a cousin.
They call themselves all by so many great names,
some are quite witty, and yet, some are lame.
From minis to boat chics and peekers to dueces,
They all have some pretty wild stories of cruises,
out in Muskamoot Bay where they all tend to hang,
like a drunk and disordelry boater-type gang.
And many may be without boats to themselves,
though they need not to worry as long as they tell,
the guy at store that they need lots of beer,
or they'll suffer the wrath and be thrown off a pier,
by a dirty and mean, old nasty-a$$ bunch,
of boaters who sit and they tell of their lunch,
and they congregate mostly in smoky old places,
where they call out "SOCIALLLLLL" and make stupid faces.
They take pictures often and post them in here,
not knowing that mostly them look, well, quite
And yet as I sit here and type all this up,
I haven't a clue if this is enough,
Of a tribute to so many peeps I now know
That I didn't just a very, short while ago.
Who welcomed me in with a smile and a tag,
That I wear on my chest like a badge, yes I'm glad.
To be part of club full of nutz such as these,
makes me feel sometimes honored and happy to be,
a member on the board where I'm known as a "peep",
and I hang where the beer comes in buckets... for cheap!
So in ending I realize I forgot many names,
but believe me whole hearted when you hear me say,
I'm so proud to be here, in this LSCN,
and even prouder to call all of you, my friends.

Say hello to my little friend:


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Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Knew you were working on something!


Is the baby pooping in the sink? Almost the same position of that famous lawn sculpture Need to put a BUd Light in the hand and put the diaper at the knees

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Holy Crap Campari - That is truly a masterpiece!!

You have put into words so eloquently and well written what we are...
By FAR the BEST contribution I've seen to the boards. Bravo!!

I'm so touched by your poem, I'm gonna crack a beer and read it again

Rock On Brotha!!! So glad to have you with us here

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I feel the need to print it out and frame it!!

Don't feel shocked if I actually do it and you see it on my wall when you guys get the opportunity to stop by!

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Shandog - Thanks. I appreciate the compliment. Let us all celebrate the good tidings of Campari with a little Norah Jones, shall we?

And by the way, Shandog, I'll crack me a beer too. Though I'll not read it again, for fear I'll find too many damn spelling errors!

Garydebs - No, not a sink. But a funny question, none the less!


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Thanks to all, really, but please save your adoration for this summer when I truly need you! When I have a boat full of old, wrinkly, long-lost family members who don't bring enough beer to start with (claiming "I don't drink much") and then drink the boat dry.

Maybe then, I will ask you to do me favor. That time may never come, but if it does, I know you will remember this post tonight. Right?


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QUOTE(threecrabs @ Apr 23 2003, 11:05 PM)There should be a permanent link to that poem on here...........WOW! That took some time and concentration........along with talent~! I feel so honored now. Thanks, CAMP-AR-I

My buddy threecrabs!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

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way to go campari! :)
and c2k is an AWESOME bar in las vegas! lol!
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