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Cable or Direct TV?

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I have been pondering the question in my mind for a few days now... Do I dump Comcast and get a satellite or do I stick it out? I HATE comcast with a passion! Please help me decide what to do. And any and all comments on how to pich this idea to my husband would also be wonderful.
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Easy...PORN! lol

DTV is cool, digital picture and sound (not nearly as slow as Comcast digital). I have Comcast basic cable.....but I manage to get DTV too.

I need to talk to some of our DTV "experts" here....waterlogged?????

I had comcast for a long time and could not stand it either, the rates always seemed to be going out and the digital cable was always distorted. So I switched to satellite and it is cheaper for me, the only thing I do not like about it is that I have to pay $5.00 a month for each additional receiver. I have a total of 4. So that kinda stinks, but the quality is better, I think.
Quality is much better.....I have a few recievers here if you want to buy one. As long as you have additional LNB's you should be fine.

Talk to pegleg about this subject - his cell phone 586-491-8888
I am still afraid to cut the imbilical cord ........One good thing is ....I have WOW instead of Comcast.....I like it better...
QUOTE(FLSHER34F! @ Jan 15 2004, 01:38 PM)the only thing I do not like about it is that I have to pay $5.00 a month for each additional receiver. I have a total of 4. So that kinda stinks, but the quality is better, I think.
We have to pay the same amount with comcast too. WOW won't come to my neighborhood or else I would just swich to that.
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You already know what I will say. I also have two or three recievers you can have. I think i have a dish in the garage too.
I will take the dish.....if you dont want it.

QUOTE(John Maniaci @ Jan 15 2004, 03:05 PM)I will take the dish.....if you dont want it.

I will have tyo take a look. I think it is in there. If Bigtata dosn't need it you can have it. We have been friends with them for a long time and i would feel bad about giving it away if they want it.

Sorry this is Tango 7. I am sitting in Gooses office and didnt realise I was logged in as him.
I will take the Direct TV receivers. I need them for my bar. Plus I need to talk to Tango 7 about this $100 gift certificate I won ans the SOCL auction.

I have both, Direct TV and just got Comcast installed yesterday for the HDTV. Man is it sweet. Direct TV is good, but like yesterday, it was on and off all day. Pretty sh!tty!
I got DTV when it first came out, back in '94. In my opinion, it produces a much better signal, thus picture than cable.

When I moved out here to Michigan, I signed up for Comcast digital, assuming being 'digital' like DTV, that it would be similar to DTV. Well, it wasn't, and I switched back to DTV. Talking to others who have Comcast, I have found a wide variety of signal quality. I have even seen it.

The drawback with DTV is that you have to pay approx 50 - 60 bucks a month to Comcast for the high speed internet. Comcast bundles the 2 together and gives you a price break.
We are thinking of switching to Direct TV also. They have Direct TV TIVO that is supposed to be incredible and way better than the regular kind. They are running specials right now for 3-4 rooms. Also, if you are worried about your internet, I found that you can get DSL for about $40 per month which is what you would pay if you had cable tv and internet, it is $50 without tv, they give you a $10 break. I think you get the TIVO for almost free too...
Thanks for all the offers of free stuff. when I was calling around... I got this deal
3 free boxes
1 dvr free
dish- free
and 49.99 credit on my bill for 4 months
Deal or steal?
I have TIVO with Direct tv and i love it. I also pay for comcast high speed internet but will change when I can get DSL. You can get the TIVO box for almost free right now if you are a new subscriber to Direct tv but the service cost 4.99 a month. I have three old recievers so come and get them. (limit one per visitor). Sorry no remotes either. They are the basic dierct tv recievers.

Pm me for directions.
I am in Harper Woods, 94 and Moross
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