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Canvass Cleaner

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If its as nice this weekend as they say, I want to pull out the canvas from the house and give it a good washing and cleaning out on the driveway. What do you suggest for a good, safe, cleaning solvent?
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WOW. Nearly 24 hrs later and not a single reply.
Jim, I would think it depends on which type of canvas you have. Mine is old and similar to an old tents canvas. I plan on using a mild detergent like Ivory to wash it. I then want to waterproof it. I am not sure yet what I'll use for that. On my old pop up camper I used Thompsons. It worked fine. I may use it for the top of my canvas for that boat as well. If you still arent sure what to use, there are several canvas shops down that way. Stop in and talk to someone there.
Here is what I use for my T-top (sunbrella). A small amount of simple green in a five gallon bucker. Scrub it in, let it sit for about a beer if not in direct sun and hose off. If in the direct sun, couple of good sips and hose off. Good stuff and won't harm the fabric. Then I use a spray to get it back to being waterproof. I you hose it off once a week you should only have to do this once or twice during the season, unless you got it parked under a tree or the birds got you.
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