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Caravan Was the COOLEST thing EVER!

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i have got to say that taking part in the carvan today was one of the coolest things ever! it gave me such a great feeling of pride and made me smile the whole time. thank you to the troops for fighting for our freedom! you are appreciated!

thanks to EVERYONE who helped, and especially ken neely! wow! when's the next one!

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It was awesome!!! The support is there and LSCN did a fine job of showing it. A big thank you to everyone who participated........

Watching that caravan coming up the street was amazing!!! Hearing it when it was still a mile down the street was so exciting!!!

Ken... great job organizing..... and to everyone else that helped out.

FoxChase... thanks for taking us all in!!! lol It was great to be warm finally!!!!

I'll pull my pics off my cam later on and email them in to Capt'n Mike.
An unbelievable sense of pride...It was awesome!!!

Thanks everyone.

Thanks Dimax!

Thanks Ken

Thanks Bob

Thanks Rog, Jan & Josh!

Thanks Thanks Thanks

This trip just get better with all ya!

I'm gonna pass out for a few now
a get some ZZZZZZZZZZ
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I had a ton of fun hangin' with you peeps and showing some USA pride.
That was a great time for sure. I think we had a pretty good turnout too. It's to bad we had poor weather but there's all ways next time.
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Rerun hows your ears?????

despite the cold....are they ringing from the constant blowing of the air horns???? Those things rocked....EVERYONE knew we were coming
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YES, today was surely an awesome was much colder at the back of the bus than it was last weekend...but WELL WORTH IT!!!
Everyone did a great job - Thanks to everyone for participating...Ken already asked me if I was READY TO PLAN the next one....
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Please warmer weather
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according to the news, our next one might be a home comming welcome our heros parade.
another great rally guys!! Aiden, my parents and I had a great time. Capt. Chris wishes he could have been there.
it truly was soooooooo wonderful seeing all the lscn peeps out there! rerun's cold ears! big daddy's hazzrds flashing when i left at 3 (lol...i shoulda called to let someone know!) seeing foxchase packed with rally peeps! wonderful! just great!

and that little coffee place busier than it has ever been! lol! impulse purchasing pauligan! you rock! wahoooo, girl! ps...shandog, your daughter looks SO much like you! such a darling! wow!

MUST to have the "big rig" again, rerun! i got something brewing for the next one..when is it??? salena--saw ya even tho i didnt' get to say hi! what happend to labdog!? woof!

ok, gotta go to sleep!
I had a fantastic time!!!! What a wonderful group of people!!!!!!!

Ken, thanks again! You did a fantastic job organizing. Your son will have a very special memory of this when he gets back!
QUOTE(surfergirlck @ Apr 6 2003, 12:48 AM)salena--saw ya even tho i didnt' get to say hi!
I was wondering where you were - I didn't even see you in the caravan ... next time you need to hang on the back of the BRB with us ... hopefully it will be warmer when we have the next one . . . . I think I may be getting a cold....
QUOTE(Saleena362 @ Apr 6 2003, 09:25 PM)... I think I may be getting a cold....
Fresh Chicken Soup!

Hope ya feel better!
QUOTE(garydebs @ Apr 6 2003, 08:29 PM)QUOTE(Saleena362 @ Apr 6 2003, 09:25 PM) ... I think I may be getting a cold....
Fresh Chicken Soup! cookin' it 4 me? I only have it in a can - sodium city ...
I can't make chicken soup...Always comes our greasy.

I would have to get some from Izzy's

You wouldn't make me get out of my pj's would you? It's cold out
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