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Cedar Point with the Big Red Bus

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If any one wants call me 586-491-8888 leave around 7:30 am and come back same day please try to call me to get a head count we have about 15 so far and it's early in the year so the lines are short

I'm busted yes Sunday may 9th sorry
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A couple of us are going on saturday then driving home on sunday....
That's right focker - saturday May 8th is the day to go!!
what time aprox will u be coming back?? sounds like fun.

Coleen hates roller coasters
so proablly wont go.. Think i will though so put me down as yes
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Count me in

come on you thrill seekers
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i'm going if rob goes. i need a partner who likes thrills on rollercoasters!
ok, since it is MOTHER'S DAY....

Are any mothers bringing their rugrats?

I'd like to go if other kids will be there.
QUOTE(delsolcruz @ Apr 27 2004, 11:04 PM)i'm going if rob goes. i need a partner who likes thrills on rollercoasters!
barf on me and u die
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Are kids welcome?????
QUOTE(Kat @ Apr 28 2004, 08:28 AM)Are kids welcome?????
id bring my kids but i dont think they would meet height requirements for the rides..
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QUOTE(Kat @ Apr 28 2004, 09:28 AM)Are kids welcome?????
I can't see any trouble with bringing the kiddies~
As long as the parents are in attendence!

And they don't mind putting kids in a smoke filled bus~
Lasty year it got a little smoky for me <_<
Steve the BRBD and the 20ish crowd are chimnies
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count me in for three. one rugrat
I'm 50/50; depends how studying for finals is going at the time.
I have 2 frinds that are interested
ttt any new updates time leaving? bus donation? Directions to where to meet?
We need to pick a restaurant for the pick up. Last year we went to the Coney at 696 & Gratiot. but..... THEY WOULDN'T LET US PARKING THE LOT ALL DAY SO WE CARAVANED TO COSTCO.

Worked Well
As for donations~Well Steve the BRBD needs tips
It will cost 100.00 in fuel.
We will barbeque in the parking lot while we wait to the slow pokes.

Bring pillows and blankets
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