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I have a Vista 268 and Mini is right, the lake end of the chanel is VERY shallow. I wouldn't take my boat through there now, especially with water levels falling as the season goes on.

That being said it is ENTIRELY worth taking a run through to the end of the Chenal - one of my favourite things to do is to go out and have breakfast along there on a lazy Sunday morning. Don't know about this summer, but last summer there were about 250 swans nesting alongside the Chenal on the Goose Bay side. Really cool to go out there in the am, listen to all the birds and NPR (or CBC or Oscar Peterson - your pick), with a pot of coffee.

Just past the no-wake marker by the NCYC, you can see a cut into the back of Fisher Bay - the depth is about 5' - 6' all the way until you get to the bay itself -- then there was a series of shoals that brought the water level to about 18" befoe you fully got into the back end of Fisher Bay.

Fisher Bay was my first introduction to the lake about 8 years ago. When the water levels were higher, used to party back there (a la The 'Moot) all the time. Great place to go!

Bonne journee,
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