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happy cinco de mayo!
ok...i've been getting some pm's, so have a few of you, wanting to have some fun somewhere!
who's up for cervezas? and suggestions to where?
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fine by migo.
I get off work at 2:30 and El Charros is 10 minutes from the shop
Go and get us a table! Or we can take over the little bar area.....

Whatcha think CK? Still need a ride?

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sure! count me in!
i'll take the there around 3ish?
I'll get there around 3:00 and save a table. Tell the hostess you're looking for Alan. If you happen to get there before me, tell the hostess to bring me to you when I get there.
3ish works for me....probably closer to 3:30....

See you there!

ok! anyone else...come on to beautiful downtown FRASER!

don't blink, you may miss it!


how does one say burp in spanish?
and ya don't have to shower, either! lol!
45 min til margarita
I am taking my prop to get refrubished, a rock in the lake apparently jumped up off the bottom and took a bite out of it. So, I was thinking of joining you guys mind if I stop by El Charro's?
Ck: If you build it we will come. I have found that, with this group.....You just need to name the place and people will be there to party.
time: 3:00

place: el charros, in fraser

after party: rerun's frontyard's flower beds until he gets home

menu: cerveza, margaritas, chasers

wear: clothes

WAHOOOOOOOOOOO! yes you damn yank, get on up there!
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I should be there by 4:00pm Gots some baaaad news from back home -- The Old Man of the Mountain, New Hampshire's state symbol, has slid off Cannon Mountain...

I know it's no big deal out here, but imagine the Mackinaw Bridge collapsing...or one of the heads falling off of Mt Rushmore.

So, time to raise a glass and say good by to a nationa landmark
Happy Cinco De Mayo day!!!!! Have fun!
dy! sorry!
dd! hola!
i'm outtie...see ya there!
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