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Co-angler for BFL's

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I am looking for a co-angler to sign up with for priority entry into the 2004 Michigan BFL tournaments; all 5 events.

[email protected]

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Hey Grass lakes...

I have a buddy who would like to sign up with you... He has been looking for a boat owner to sign up with.

If your interested drop me an e-mail and I will get you two in touch.

[email protected]
Any other co-anglers looking for a boater, please post here. There was at least one other boater at the Grand Rapids fishing show looking for a co-angler. As soon as I remember who it was, I'll post it here. I recommended he post here looking for someone so he might show up before I remember.
I am all set...thanks for the replies.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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