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Coast Guard station 2/27/04

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Went out from 4:30 to 7pm last night and only ended up with 2 small perch. Guy next to me caught 5 with one keeper. Talked to guys at the parking lot who said they had been there since morning and caught 12 fish most of which were at the first half hour of sunrise. Hot color for them seemed to be chartreuse with silver or gold in about 7 feet of water.
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they are limiting out by the bayview barge off south river road
park at the dnr launch ramp, head south about half way to metro beach,
i also heard they are doing good at brandenburg, new baltimore
as always good luck!
Thanks for the tip! I am planning out after my oldest daughters 17th birthday today. Want to take my 4 year old daughter (against her mother's wishes) out with me also. If only for an hour or two just to let her see what it is all about and get her over her mother's fear of walking on the ice. Any idea how much ice is over at South River Rd.? At the Coast Guard I was on at least 12 inches last night.
mom is right to be worried, that is if you do not respect the ice..
i was in about 3 feet of water with approximately 10 inches of ice, there were some brave/foolish guys on their atvs out there..
i always walk with a ice spud, checking the ice every step, i never have fell through yet and do not plan on starting now..
i did see three differant guys go through with one leg, up to their knee..
they had no spud and i think they hit an air pocket...
as mark hackel says"all ice is unsafe"
be careful out there and good luck
i have fallen through the ice plenty of times. it hurts. dont fall through, best advice i can give you

madman himself
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28 years ice fishing on Lake St. Clair and never gone through. I always walk with a spud, even if I'm using an auger to clear the holes.
spuds.. don't leave home without them.... creepers too!
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