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I am baffled, I hope some one out here can help.

I launched the boat for the first time of the season this weekend. It started to over heat almost immediately.

Upon investigation I found that the Out Drive was not sucking water. So I changed the impeller unit.

Tried to test it on the trailer with the OD submerged in a tub of water, still didn't work. Hooked a hose to the out drive, started the engine and it worked fine. I removed the hose, with the engine running and the OD still submerged, and everything worked fine. Then I shut off the engine and re-started and it would not pull water again.

It seems as if the hose is gettingthe water flowing, and the impeller keeps it running, but the impeller can not start the flow???

Anyone with some Cobra experience run into this before?

Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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