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Congratulations girl!! Wish we could be there on Saturday with you....
Sending you great big congratulatory cyber hugs!!!

Love Tom and Cyn
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I better have a seat at your graduation! I changed my weekend plans around it!!

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Hope it's a Great Day!!!

Congrats ! 3 thumms up

Very proud and happy for ya!
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Congrats!! Maybe we'll get to see you out and about more now.
Congrats! When is the party?
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Will this mean your fees will increase?
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Congrats shandog!!! I thought you grauated last semmester. or was this the ceramony.
Congrats! I know how hard it is to get that Bachelors!! YIKES, took me 10 years! Your work is totally worth it. Not only for job opportunites, but for being a well rounded educated adult who can comfortably discuss just about any subject!! I never thought my mandatory Art History class would mean anything, but it has come in handy quite a few times!!
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Congrats Shannon!!!! You rock girl!
yes, I have great respect for anyone who has the time, patience and fortitude to stick it out however long it takes to get a degree. Big Congratulations to you
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congrats from one recent graduate to another! i know what dedication and determination is involved!

i was looking through crain's this week and noticing all the ads for masters degrees at the various local colleges. there was an article on receiving a masters via online courses.

soon i'll have to start a masters program so as to keep myself employeed.
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