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WHAT A BLAST!! Just got home! Great time!! Still going on!!
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Dang! Spelled Convincor's wrong!!!
Drunk a$$ needs to go to bed!! NITE!
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U left early.

Must prepare 4 plunge party!

Fugg bed I'm at Steve's bar and i havn't slept a FUGGIN wink. Went Hot tubbin and everything.

Been up all Fuugin night. I am a drunk MOFO

Drinking another beer as I type. Your all a bunch of Wimps.

I wanted to say something a little srtonger, but since this is a family site.
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Convicors party was awesome! I had a great time. Definitely will be out later today to meet up with the gang.
I got some awesome voicemails last night from Comvincors, I wish i would have went there too, just i had such a severe headache, i think all the smoe in the fly bar ....but d*mn i wish i was there !!!!!!
The next time can you guys warn me? I heard all friggin night whooping it up. I could get any sleep! Damn party animals!!!!

Sounds like a good time!
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I know what you mean Eddie, massive headache this morning from all the smoke. Couldn't have been from drinking from 2pm to 2am...

Wanted to go but Fran said we had enough. Oh well, at least someone was lookin' out for us....
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OH yes! Total blast last night!!
Went to be about 5:30am!!!
Now I can't go out and play today because I have too much homework since I slept in til 1!!!
But Wetbar is out there representing for our household! haha
Had to login and see how the peeps were before I go study!

Phone calls Eddie? Did we make phone you weren't the only one that got a call!!

Can't wait to see the pics that can be put on the net!!
Convincor and crew were in rare form...............Ahhh Shhiiiitttt!!!
OMG. I can barely sit here and type I'm still so hung over. Was feeling good at Orleans bar. I think I totally passed out last night, luckily in bed first. Whew.
I had a great time too!!

Thanks for the place to crash last night!

P.S. No more southern hurricanes for me.
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way to wild last night...
did anyone go home with a bra on

I can't believe how wet all my clothes are

Love you peeps!
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Awesome, awesome time! THANKS to the Convincors for having all of us over!!!

I have some awesome photos...I'll post them tomorrow night..if I don't delete 'em accidently again. haha
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Next time for sure. Thanks for the invite Convincor's!
Started too early Saturday, after Orleans and FlyBar needed to get home, eat & sleep.
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Great time, had a blast.

Jabbers to Convincers to Instigaters.

Its Monday morning and I actually have money in my pocket.

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Yes, it was a great weekend!

CBJ <_< your av is ROTTEN!!!!!!!!!
The funniest thing was getting to Convincor's and seeing Sundays friend (forgot her name) already sleeping on the couch....I guess she couldn't hang. Mind you she was drinking a ton at the FLY bar.

I wonder if Bill even has an alcohol left as it seemed like every bottle had been sucked dry by the time I left.
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Holy Crap that was a good time!
For the record... my boobies were hangin free and braless for the FIRST time. I was definately out of my comfort zone.

Got home round 6, slept 3 hours and went to the Motorcycle show at Novi. I'm killin myself!

I think that LSCNers are Professional Partiers!


Oh yeah and... Angus' friend Bruce = HOTTIE!!!
Oh my God...I think...NO...I know I was the only female int he house who left with bra on.....Wahoo!! What happened afterwords.....not telling!! Just kidding peeps!! I will have to say...this group rocks hard!! Love you all!!

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QUOTE(Pamm-ee @ Feb 9 2004, 03:04 PM)For the record... my boobies were hangin free and braless for the FIRST time. I was definately out of my comfort zone.
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