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Cotton Road With My Little Girl

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I took my 10 year old daughter out to cotton rd. yesterday (wednesday) afternoon. We found a spot with alot of good cover but only caught a tiny little large mouth all afternoon. My girl caught it though, so she wasn't disappointed at all. It's amazing how just one or two fish all day long is enough to keep her hooked. I look forward to the day that we hammer a bucket load of 'em!
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I know what you mean, this past January I took my little/big (6ft, 24yr old) brother ice fishing for the first time, we started at 8am he wasn't much into it at first until a pike came rushing in out of no where and took his minnow, his lure and about 10 feet of 4lb line. We caught a few that day. Now he is calling me wanting to know when we could go out next!!!!!!
Getting the kids to go for the first time makes for some really good memories. I got my son to go for the first time earlier this year (he's 12 and is kind of a rebel and has always resisted fishing) We got out and I caught the first 5 fish. The fish weren't biting very hard and I was afraid that he wasn't going to catch on to that fine touch you sometimes need when the fish are finiky. I offered to switch poles and holes with him and he accepted. He caught the next 6 fish. After fish number 6 he turned to me and in his rebellious tone he said "Dad, would you like to switch poles and holes" he then turned away and snickered. My son, mocking me with my pole in my shanty...I couldn't have been prouder ha ha.
Hey Members...Since the kids got their Scoobie Doo fishing poles from Santa I'll need to take them fishing around here somewhere too.

Normally they go Up North, but with my severe school schedule this summer I can't foresee any trips up there.

SO ~ I'd like to take the little nippersnappers fishing - they LOVE TO FISH. CBJ, Mini, whoever is going with little ones keep me in mind and can we join you.

ps. I am boatless...don't forget.
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Shandog. I would love to take you and your little ones fishin'! Remember you can always bring them to Bass Pro Shops from March 13th thru the 16th for our Annual Spring Classic. There will be a trout and or catfish pond there, the BASS casting kids contest (also one of these at Outdoorama this week). But thats not REAL fishing.

My only stipulation will be it has to be during the week. I am booked solid on the weekends fishing already.

There is always a good panfish bite just when the weather starts to get warm, and if its later in the summer we can always try for some bass.

Lots of time yet, but we will discuss further....maybe a kids fishing outing with some fisherpeople here volunteering their time, boat, and expertise to get some kids (and a few lucky on the water for a few hours.

how about it fisherpeople?? This I will volunteer some time to for organizing, because its for kids.

i am going to start another thread titiled "LSCN Kids FIshing Outing" and this will be the first post.


Man I REALLY need some sleep now, before I volunteer for anything else!
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