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Crankbait Rod

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Hello all. I currently have a 6'6" MH fiberglass/graphite combo rod that I want to use just for crankbait fishing. My question is, do you think that this rod is going to be too stiff if I use a low stretch mono? Or in other words, would I have to go to a high stretch mono to be able to use this rod? Last resort, do you think I should just buy a medium rod????

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It's hard to say without actually seeing the rod and checking the "action", but here's my .02..

If I was in your situation, I'd use low-stretch line and just back off the drag a little more than normal on the reel....if the rod has a true parabolic action meaning a gradual consistant curve, the rods action will give enough play to compensate for the low stretch line,..but I'm thinking that if you have a rod that's more "medium" than "Medium/Heavy", and you're also using a stretchy line, then you're risking lost fish due to too much line stretch and too limber of a rod resulting in poor hooking power.

Go with the low stretch line, and just back the drag off a little on your can always tighten it down,...but let the rod wear the fish down...not line stretch!!

BTW--7ft rods are ideal for Crnkbts.....All Star makes some awesome Crnckbt rods as does BPS in the Rick Clunn Series....what ever price range or brand you're looking for,..BPS has them!!

Mac, my rod is a 6'6" B.P.S Crankin Stick. It does feel like a medium to medium heavy rod as opposed to a medium heavy and it also does have a long gradual curve in the action. I was going to use Trilene Sensation 12lb or Stren Magnathin 12lb. I think the first is lower stretch and the latter is higher stretch. I will take your advice and use the lower stretch mono with a slightly lighter drag, and then later in the future break out the wallet and get a 7 foot rod for cranks.
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Depending on the style of crankbait you normally throw, I don't think you will have a problem with the MH. For instance, when throwing rattle baits, I prefer using a MH Moderate rod. For shallow cranks (which I throw a lot), i prefer a Medium Moderate. As for line, I always use 10-14 lb. XT (lower stretch than XL, but I'm not too sure how it compares with the others).
I like the med.hv myself for my crankbaits even for the bigger baits that I use for Muskie. Basically my rods are almost flipping sticks most of you use for Bass. Mac is right about the All Star Rods and if you want to step up to a great feeling rod using an All Star Blank try using one of Gregg M's custom built rods. He makes a good rod and they are light. I can cast one all day. Using the low strech line is the best way to go. The only thing I like better tho is I use 7 1/2 foot rods most of the time. I feel you get better hook sets and other things. Bob
I noticed you had the guide twist going on your custom rods.

I enjoyed your seminar. I was able to stay almost until the end until I figured Wayne was really wondering where I got lost.

The day you caught all those big 50 inchers should have been filmed. What a show that would have made!

Yes Bob's rods have what is called a Spiral wrap on them. The reason for this is that a baitcasting rod in a traditional setup will twist side to side under load. The spiral wrap with the guides finishing at the bottom is a more stable platform. It also allows the use of smaller single footed guides out near the tip and will increase sensativity and reduce all around weight. This is not a new system. It was patented in the early 1900's however you still do not see alot of it because manufacturers do not have the time nor capability to mass produce this type of rod, and many anglers think it looks "wierd".

Bud Earhardt's Fishin' Stix (or a similar name thereof!!..LOL) were made that way!!...Don't know if that guy is still in business or even alive for that matter...ahah....I saw them at the Palace shows back in their heydays.....10yrs ago or so!!

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