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Cruise to the Bridge/Island

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HI All,

Sorry I havent been around lately, but been traveling and working in florida recently and just got back.

Is anyone here familiar with the trip from the Clinton River area to the Big Mac Bridge or Mackinaw Island? I'm looking for average water miles, time, places to dock/stay around the town or on the island. Thinking about taking the Sea Ray up there along the coast and am curious to see what I am up against.

Also, any familiar with riding through the Soo Locks?


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Hey Jim,
My boat club (Sand Pointe Yacht Club) has done a few trips up that way and to the North Channel. I could find out the best ports to stay, but I know they have stayed at Lexington, Harbor Beach, Tawas and so on.
Hi Hammer,

That would be great. I am really interested in the distance and the time frame, for starters. We are doing a Cedar Point trip in the late spring/early summer to see how we do for the roughly 100 miles, and will use that as a chart as to judging if and how we do the trip to Mackinaw Island.

We would like to do a trip up to Mackinaw Island and the North Channel next summer, but do not have a clue as to where to dock and how long it would take us to get up there. Please send me any information that you have too!

The trip to Cedar Point from 9mile took us about 3-4 hrs...cruising around 25. Another great place to anchor close to CP is either Put-in-Bay or Kelleys Island. Kelleys is more family oriented.
Thanks MsCin. Prehaps you can answer a question I have. I have read s a few posts that mention the "North Channel" but other than the one by harsens and the main land, I am not sure what this refers to. Is it going through the Soo Locks?

I'll forward or post anything I may get that is not posted here first. Looking forward to both trips this coming season.


The north channel that they are talking about is on the canadian side and up by drummond island and you eventually make your way to Georgian Bay.
North Channel has beautiful scenery. Unfortunately the day we traveled through it was raining.

As for Mackinac we tried that 2 years ago but one of the boats bent a prop so we lost 3 days since it happened late on a Sat. I have our float plan with the distance but have to find it in a box since we just moved. I can tell you where not to stay and that is the Au Sable.

We stayed at a number of DNR sites and they were great. Clean and easy to get to.

I will look for float plan this weekend..
Greg, thanks for the input. I would love to get a copy of your float plan so I have something to start with, if thats good with you. Most likely after the holidays and Santa recovers a bit, I'll be picking up the needed charts and such and can sit down and plan this.

Happy Holidays and THANKS again.


You got mail. I emailed our float plan with a few comments. If you don't receive it and I will resend.
It is a great trip we are doing in 2004...

Another point to remember when looking at our float plan, it was definitely too aggressive. We would not do it that way again..

Got the plan. Thank you. Going over it and will plot over the holidays. Not sure what we want to do as of yet, we have a few options. We would probably take it easy and do it over 9 days, dont have to spend much time on the island, but defiantely owuld like the trip up and probably through the locks and back.

Anyone here ever take a personal craft through the Soo Locks? Wonder what is involved or is it a matter of radioing ahead and then slipping in with a freighter and tying up along the wall (I've seen this done before from observing on the shore)

Hey Greg e,
WOuld really appreciate it ikf you could send me a copy of that float plan also. Wife and I are considering doing this trip next summer. Have don cedar Pointe trip a few times but would love to head North up to Mackinaw.

Thanks in advance

Sent you the float plan. Let me know if you do not get it. Again it was a very agressive plan. We no longer travel like that normally spend at least one day in each port.

Good Luck you will enjoy.. Looking forward to going again in 2004. Going to Georgian bay this year..

greg e...I would really appreciate a copy of your float plan also.
What size boats are yous using?Love to take a trip like that.
I have a 1988 Sea Ray 270. She's listed at 27'7" with a LOA of 32'(includes swim platform and pulpit). Beam is 10'. Sleeps 6 and has twin 5.7's, 260 hp merc's.

We got a 28ft Wellcraft Martinque with twins, sleeps 6.

You know it would be kool if we could get a group and travel North together. Im thinking the week of 4th of July.
I did the Cedar Pointe trip three times in a 21 foot 4-Winns cuddy. Never had a problem. Some people have told me I was nuts but I had great weather all three times and I think that makes or brakes your trip. Now I have a 28 foot Chriscraft and am looking to head North. May do Cedar Pointe again though next year.

just sent the float plan to your email..

Hope it helps it was a great trip..
Greg, would it be too much of an imposition to ask for an email copy of the float plan as well? I just bought a 28ft Sea Ray and would like to do some trips other than just around the lake.

[email protected]
Congrat's on your new boat. Sounds like you bought a 270. Same one as what we purchased, although a 1988. The trip sounds great and is a big undertaking. NOt sure of 2003 is the season for it or if we'll stick to smaller trip slike to Cedar Point for the first full season with the "new" boat.

Sea you on the water and Happy New Year.

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