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D and R Sports

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For anyone who's interested D and Sports is having their annual spring open house this friday and saturday 4-18 and 4-19, they've got a great selection of tackle and boats. They've also got some great speakers Kevin Vandam, Denny Brauer, Shaw Grigsby, Woo Daves, Skeet Reese. You can contact them at 269-372-2272 for times and directions.
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Where is D & R Sports???
It's a great store in Kalamazoo. I'll probably head up there on Saturday to take in a couple of seminars.
pick me up.
D & R SportsD & R Sports is on M-43 a few miles West of Kalamazoo. Tons of tackle and lots of boats. Home of the awesome VanDam brothers. It will be shoulder to shoulder there Friday and Saturday with all the big name walleye and bass pros coming in.

I have to work tomorrow and Saturday will depend on the weather to know if I can make the trip from Lansing or not, or I'd like to go fishing, but the forecast is iffy so far. cameraguy, I assume you'll be there later Saturday. If I make it, that will be the most likely time.
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