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A friend and I fished the Trenton Channel yesterday, April 10, 2003, for about seven hours without catching a fish. The weather was sunny and cool. The water temp varied from 37 to 39 degrees and it was muddy from all the quick snow melt and run off we had this week. The wind was funneling right down the river from the NNE and seemed a lot colder than the 59 degree ambient temp.

According to the bait shop we got our minnows from, the bite has been slow for the last three days. We saw some fish caught but not very many. Most of the guys we talked to had no fish with a few having as many as three or so they said. We couldn't see anything different the successful ones we doing or using but they had to have some secret the rest of the river didn't have. This is the very first time I have ever been skunked on the channel. There were approximatly 100 to 125 boats on the river within the heavier fished section.

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