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Detroit River Fishing?

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I'm new to this board and have never fished in the area and so any information you could give me would be a big help. This is the start of a fishing trip for me and my dad... unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and so this may end up being our last trip he is able to do. He is not an avid fisherman but we truley enjoy the time spent on the water together.

I will be heading up from Kentucky this afternoon to put in the detroit river around elizabeth park. Typically I'm a smallmouth/largemouth guy; however, my dad has the most fun catching a bunch of fish (no matter the size). Do you think this would be a good area for white bass? I read a few reports that you can catch quite a few. I only plan on fishing late this afternoon and early tomorrow morning before we head to a cottage in central MI.

Thanks in advance for any boating/fishing advice you could give me to help make this a memorable trip for me and my dad.
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Go to the mouth of the river at windmill point. You can catch'em til your arms fall off. 3" White grub on a jig head. Watch the birds.
Thanks a lot for the information Blue Pike. Would you recommend putting in closer to St. Clair or running up the river from elizabeth park? I only have a 17.5 foot ranger and so its not really made for too big of waters.

Thanks again.

The whites are in the whole length of the river. If you have decided to launch at Elizabeth park, you should be able to find some fish. Go south from the launch, under the bridge, and then look around the islands (Celeron, Grosse Isle, etc). As Blue Pike said, if you see birds diving into the water, cast anything to the birds and hold on! Windmill point is at the extreme north end of the river and would be good as well, but 30 miles from Elizabeth park...

Good luck
they are everywhere in the river, like stated, if you are not catching them, watch the birds, seems like the white bass are chasing minnows and pushing them to the surface where the birds start picking them off. if you see 50 birds dive bombing an area, it should be loaded with white bass. or if your not catching, target another species, than the white bass get jealous and you can't keep them off the hook
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Tim, I have to say your avatar is hilarious!!!!

Ranger, I'm not much of a bass fisherman, but I am sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope you have excellent weather and catch a thousand fish
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Or consider launching out of Alter rd. then windmill point is literally a one minute boat ride out the canal.
Good Luck!
or you could use 9 mile ramp. but alter road is closer.
Heatwave and Stumpripper got their limits of walleye on Sunday where the DR and LSC meet. Not sure if you know the specific spot names (sturgeon hole, cow pasture, casino) Launch at St Jean or Alter Rd.
Sorry to here about your dad my dad is suffering from cancer also i would like to get him out this summer also but he,s haveing a ruff time just going about his day .We have are memerys tho so take advantage of the time you can spend with him ....on a differnt note if the river fails You can catch the whites at huron point(metro) then head to the mile roads for some smallmouth. good luck out there
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