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first off....we tried to get on the water last weekend (4/25). things looked great at st. jean that day, every jigger comin in had fish. but we had a fried impeller, so that trip lasted oh, about five minutes.

made it out the next night and all i caught was a buzz....not necessarily bad, but not entirely what we were there for.

made it out thursday night, 5/1. caught my limit (threw one dink back). the rest of the boat wasn't as fortunate.

last night however, was killer. 24 walleyes! awesome. we could do no wrong! we nailed em everywhere from 22 feet to 35, with one coming deep, 48 feet (it seems we always seem to get one a night on a turn out). black rapalas with a silver belly produced both nights. no 7 i think (about 5" rapalas, whatever number that is). oddly enough, most of the fish came on the short (5 foot) leaders. we did get some on the 20's and 40's but the 5's seemed to produce best. you handliners know that a 4 pounder on a short lead feels like a trophy hog!

hmmm....seems i am forgetting something. oh yeah....the "where." well, i would be a real prick not to share, and although i have been called a prick (and worse) many times over in this short life of mine, i am not gonna hold out on ya fellas......

all fish caught on the american side....don't believe the hype about casino windsor, i saw no boats there on thursday or friday. so get in your boats and head to Cobo. fill those freezers boys and hopefully you will come home with a cooler full.

in closing, i would like to thank my wife, who, after i came home with a nice pile on thursday, informed me that i needed to "go out tomorrow and get some more." god love her.
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