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I made these videos in 1995 when I was a "longhair".

5 Fire Depts burned down the house for me to make the music videos, but only two depts would allow us to mention their names in the credits.

St Clair County Sherrif's Dept Tactical Services Unit, Sgt Bloomfeild's, (swat team), played Popo games for a day, and the 5 Fire depts played pyromaniac games for two days before lighting it for the big burn / film shoot.

The first video, "Open Fire", is on 8mm motion picture film, (porn film), and is only a visual instrumental.
I did not use 'sound sync equipment', so I added a strobe effect to distract your eyes from the fact,
that the music and the visual strokes are not in time properly.

"Open Fire"

The second video, "Sometimes Death is Good", filmed on 16mm motion picture film, (Hollywood movie film),
is a song with a comforting message.

"Sometimes Death is Good"

pete 'theloosecannon"
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