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Directions to Muskamoot

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My boss is coming out to Muskamoot this weekend from St. Clair Shores. He wants to know what he needs to look out for (i.e., rocks, etc) and the best way to enter the bay. He has a 40' and would appreciate your help.

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Hey Lady!

What type of boat is he bringing?

There's a chart that Hammer put together, I'll try to find it!

Would this boss be a 'mounty' also?
Dont follow this guy!!!
Or us....
It's a 35' Fountain. No, he's not a county mounty. He's really cool. Everyone will like him.

Thanks for all your help.
I searched EVERYWHERE, can't find it!!

QUOTE(miaphoto @ Jul 2 2004, 11:33 AM)Dont follow this guy!!!
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Here is a old thread I found on it from last year. I'll keep looking for the thread with the good map in it.
Thanks Rerun. I'll pass it on.
This is the pretty much the route we used on Saturday. We followed somone else doing the same thing and it worked great. seemed like 5-6 feet most of the way in then it goes to 4.5-4 when get further in the Moot.

Previously I had always played it safe and went in the channel and lined up with the lighthouses for a straight shot in. Now we can cut a few minutes off our trip and save a little gas.
Using Hammer's map and coming in on plane, where do you drop down to idle for the final ride in? At what numbered marker or between which ones (according to the route laid out on the map)?

somewhere between 5 and 6 after you start your cut perpendicular to shore wherever that may be.
Best place on the web.

I just saved that chart to the moot as my desktop background.(for now)

I used instagators advice to come in from the South by Old Channel light Saturday, can't go wrong.

I didnt raft off with you all having four young teeny's onboard but was an awesome place to anchor for a few hours.
We're headed in there for the first time this week. Nervous as all get-out, but we'll just see what happens.

Wonder what would happen with the higher lake levels if we just kind of crawled in the first time around (following the map and GPS) verses coming in at 28mph like we know what we are doing?
QUOTE(miaphoto @ Jul 2 2004, 10:33 AM)Dont follow this guy!!!
JABBER...Is that you???

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