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Disney Cruise

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Thinking about taking the rugrats on a vacation that we can actually enjoy. I've heard Disney Cruises are great because they have activities that keep your kids busy all day long so the adults can sip cocktails by the pool without being bothered.

Has anyone ever been on a Disney Cruise? I'm looking for some first-hand accounts and feedback so I know whether or not to even pursue this.
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I can't give you 1st hand knowledge, however my wife's best friend went. They have 3 kids.

I now am the proud/forced contributor to a "Disney Cruise Fund" and our annual trip to Aruba (which I love) is going to be missed in 2005 so we can go.

Our friends said it was the best vacation they have ever been on...
I'm sure Scotty will chime in, but for around the same amount of $$$ you can go all-inclusive to a resort in Mexico or some other place just as tropical. Pick one with a Kid's club and activities (one that caters to families) and you're set.

When we went to Cozumel last year, we didn't utilize the kids' activities right away because we wanted to explore the resort and island with the kids. A couple days after we arrived and our kids thought they had the lay of the land, they pretty much dumped us for "Miss Gabby", the young woman who ran the kids' activities at the resort. A couple of days the kids were pretty much in our sight, but Gabby did arts & crafts, games, etc. with them.

Check out all the options--there's plenty.
QUOTE(freckles @ May 4 2004, 01:36 PM)I'm sure Scotty will chime in, but for around the same amount of $$$ you can go all-inclusive to a resort in Mexico or some other place just as tropical. Pick one with a Kid's club and activities (one that caters to families) and you're set.
Thanks Christine,,,,,decided to call him instead. To much
to say to the Mongo. I have heard that the Disney Cruises
are awesum but quite pricey!!! This is why Mexico is
so appealing.

I didnt think our Disney Cruise was that expensive. It is worth every dollar!!! At the time our kids were 15, 13, 8. We hardly even seen our kids all week long because the crew has so many activites for every age group. They even take your kids to dinner so you can enjoy a relaxing meal. We even brought Grandma with us to babysit and she was bored cause her grandkids were to we ended up having to entertain her!
We have been on 8 different cruises with and without kids and hands down for a family cruise, Disney is the way to go.
sounds like a mickey mouse ride to me.
Talk to Mish. I know she was planning on it once. I am not sure if she ever went on one though.
2 weeks ago the travel channel had cruise week and i watched a 2 hr special on the disney cruise line ships. i was utterly amazed by the details, design, how the built them... all very incredible. they had MANY things for the kids to do as well as the adults, and they basically showed the kids wanting to leave their parents to be with the disney caretakers for all the fun! it made me as adult want to go on it!

not even 2 days later my WRIF rep called and said she'd been on vacation then stated she was on one of the disney cruises and i was like 'WOW! i just watched that! how was it?' she said it was AWESOME. she has a 8 year old and a 5 year old, and they had a blast. she didn't think it was too pricey ( i had asked her about the cost) and it was well worth it, especially the 'black and white' restaurant where the room and servers start out in black and white, then eventually it all turns into color.

i'd love to go!
You gotta go on this cruise if your taking your kids. We took our kids on both the 4 day Bahama Disney Cruise and the 7 day. They were by far the 2 most awesome family vacations we have ever taken. We recently took the kids on a 7 carnival cruise and there was absolutely no comparison, Disney blew them away by far. The little more that we did pay for the Disney cruises was well worth it. The Disney theme is not overwhelming at all, they keep it very low key. The characters do come out at specific times and locations they are not in your face all the time wandering around the ship. My kids had a ball at the kids camps, they were thoroughly exhausted at the end of the day. The wife and I hung out at the adults only pool area when we were'nt with the kids. It's very quiet there when the adult deck games arent taking place..and when they say its an adults only area, it truly is, u would never know that there were any kids on the ship. You should go, you will be treated like royalty and will not regret it for a second.
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