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DNR Fishing Report

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Hey there everyone how is it going? This is Cory again with this weeks fishing report.
Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River are starting to clear up and are not as turbid all the way around. The temperatures are varying right now. The River and Channels are 42-43 degrees, Anchor Bay is ranging from 43-46 degrees, and the main part of the Lake (middle down to the south) is 45-47 degrees. These are all surface temperatures.
Walleye are slow right now, but when they are caught they are in the North Channel of the Lake in about 40 feet of water. Here boats are jigging while drifting with minnows. The other area that has been developing is south of Grassy island in Anchor Bay. Depths here are varying from 20-26 feet. Here boats are trolling with crawler harnesses and crankbaits. The fish that were caught came between Tuesday the 13th and Sunday the 18th.
Yellow perch are moving around in Anchor Bay mainly being found on the west shore of Anchor Bay. The depths here are 4-7 feet. Boats are picking them up with perch rigs using minnows and some still fishing with bobbers.
Panfish including bluegill, crappie, and rock bass are being caught in the canals up and down the west shore of Anchor Bay. Temperature in the canals are about 45-47 degrees. Mainly fishing with wax worms and minnows.
Salmon have been the most productive as of late with 4 Kings and 1 Steelhead being taken yesterday April 18th. The range the boats are running in is from Deckers landing in the North Channel and Grassy Island in Anchor Bay. Depths are varying from 30-60 feet. All fish caught are suspend about ½ to 3/4 of the way down.
Northern Pike are being picked up off of the North Channel in the Sni Bora. The depths here are 4-5 feet and boats are using husky jerks to get their fish.
Goodluck everyone and hope that this report gets some fish for you all. See you at the launch, Cory
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Great report. I thought I got to work early but you put me to shame! I presume you even had your coffee before you got on the tube!
I really enjoy your reports and look forward to them as the great Lake St Clair fishing season gets in to full swing.

After I hit the reply button and looked at the post the time had changed for 5:43 to 10:43 so now I don't know what time zone I am in of how long I have really been here!

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