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Hey there everyone this is Cory with this week's fishing report. The rain has not been good for fishing, but has been good in raising the water temperatures. Around Selfride Air Base the temps are now around 55-57 degrees. (This is surface temp remember.) In North Channel the temps are varying right now with the water coming down from the river. Temps are 50-55 degrees. Muddy water in the North Channel and in the Sni Bora. (Just an answer to a question posted earlier, the SNI is the Channel running northeast and southwest off of the North Channel and is just West of the Middle Channel. As far as the name goes, no idea where it came from.) Watch the dirty water and the temperatures out there to really find the fish. Walleye should start becoming active with the temperatures in the high 50's and lower 60's. Keep a look out for them.
Yellow perch right now are slow after a few cold patterns that passed through. Still found off of the Salt River and 23 mile Rd. Find 4-6 feet of water and drift or anchor using larger sized minnows and wax worms on a perch rig. Slip bobbers have been working also.
Northern pike have been really picking up as of late. Especially in the waters off of Selfridge Air Base and in the waters along the shore between New Baltimore and Fair Haven. Use husky jerks and larger rapalas's to cast in 4-5 feet of water around some weed structure. The weeds are coming up now so that will mean better fishing.
Walleye are still being found in the North Channel off from Deckers Landing and down to the mouth of Sni Bora. Find 40 feet and just drift jig down the current. Use your kicker engine or the wind direction to go with the flow. Color of jigs are not specified right now, but larger minnows are a must.
Salmon have been slow, but still in the North Channel using bombers in about 40-60 feet.
Had a request for black crappie and here is my report. In the canals at Metro Beach have been decent, but not spectacular, the waters north of New Baltimore have been productive in about 4-5 feet around weeds, and in the canals north of Selfridge Air Base. Temperatures in the canals are ranging from 55-62 degrees( in all canals). Baits are still wax worms and minnows.
Hope this helps everyone this week in their fishing excursions. I will see everyone at the launches and appreciate the information from everyone. Cory
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