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Hey there everyone this is Cory again with this week's fishing report on the lake. Fishing has started to pick back up slowly. Yellow perch and walleye are gettting better.
Water temps have been holding right around 67-70 on the main lake and in the channels 60-63. The water clarity is murky in the middle areas of the lake, but the Channels are nice and clear. We have a lot of weed growth to the surface in Anchor Bay. Winds have been out of the N and NW during the last week.
Walleye are starting to be caught. The areas that fish are coming in from are the South, North, and Middle Channels. In the South Channel they are trolling crawler harnesses with bottom bouncers in 18-20 feet of water. The main area right now is North of the Firecracker and South of San Souci. Some boats are jigging for them and having a little success. In the North Channel boats are trolling for them in about 16-18 feet of water with crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers out towards Grassy Island. (This area is located between Deckers Landing and Grassy Island.) In the Middle Channel boats are drifting and trolling with crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers in 18-20 feet of water. Colors on the crawler harnesses are silver blades and red beads, chartruese, and gold blades with red beads.
Bass have been starting to pick up in the Northern areas, but the Mile Roads around 13 Mile Rd. down to 8 Mile Rd. are still producing. Here boats are casting tube jigs (green with brown or red flake) in about 6-8 feet of water. Find some weed structure here and fish around those. Some spinners have worked, but the blades need to be silver. Out from 16 Mile Rd boats are drifting with tube jigs in 13-14 feet of water off of some structure. This has been the most productive in the last week.
Muskie are being caught in the Northern areas of the lake. In between Grassy Island and Strawberry island (North and South direction) boats are trolling in 13 feet of water about 4 feet under the surface. Super shad are the selected baits.
Yellow perch have been fair. 2 areas have been fairly productive for them, including in front of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club (8 Mile Rd.) and out from the Firecracker on the South Channel(Shipping Channel). In front of the Yacht Club boats are drifting and anchoring with perch rigs and slip bobbers in 12 feet of water. Minnows(spottails 1.5-2inches) are the best, but some have been caught on crawlers. In the Shipping Channel boats are anchoring in 18-20 feet of water and are using slip bobbers and perch rigs to pick them up.
Northen pike and panfish are very slow right now.
Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather and see you at the launches, Cory.
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