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DNR Fishing Report

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Hey there fishing buddies how has fishing been going. I have been on Vacation for the last couple of days that is why the report is a little bit later this week. Sorry about that!
Most of the fishing right now is targeted towards yellow perch. They are being caught off of the 400 Club and the 9 Mile Tower. The depths here are ranging from 14-16 feet. With the colder weather in right now the fish are going to be moving around so try to drift to find them and then anchor right on top. The common method is with a perch rig and an emerald shinner about 1 inch to an inch and a quarter.
Walleye have been caught in the North Channel in front of Deckers launch jigging. Depths here are from 15-25 feet in places. Fish are mainly being caught in the deeper holes here though. Also in the Sni there have been some catches reported. Here boats are just trolling with crawler harnesses and jerk baits.
Muskie have been good out from the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club and south of there into the Dumping Grounds. Trolling in about 14 feet of water has been working best.
Largemouth and smallmouth are starting to move to shallower water and canals. Be luck would be to fish into the canals and around marinas. Throwing a crankbait or tube jig is the most commonly used practice.
Best of luck to everyone as the season begins to wind down. Hopefully everyone is getting what they want out there. Thanks for you cooperation, Cory
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I sure take stock in your reports cory and thanks for being there for us. Hope you continue your reports next year there ever so enjoyable and accurate. You know best with talking to the fisherman as they come in. I bet you know them all by now. Once again thank you for taking the time to do this and i sure for one look forward to it.

h2o<-------says excellent to have you!!!!!
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Does anyone have the latest report on perch fishing? I am planning to go tomorrow, Friday. AquariusII
Thank you Cory.

I heard that the pack of perch boats 2 miles SE of the WB didnt do any good last weekend....we did catch a few in the canals. Perhaps the fish are starting to head shallower?

Went perch jerking Friday with a buddy and caught 40 keepers off 7 mile - all real nice fish, biggest was a little over 12". When the bite slowed down, we worked our way north along the mile roads and caught more, but they were smaller fish. Best action was weedbeds in 15' of water.
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