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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Lake St. Clair Fisheries Research Station will be conducting a fisheries survey in Anchor Bay, Lake St. Clair, from Friday, April 30, to Friday, May 28, 2004. The primary objective of this survey will be to capture, tag, and release smallmouth bass and walleye. The survey gear used will be trap nets, located along a 10-foot contour, between the Clinton River and New Baltimore. Each of the five nets will be marked with at least two floating flags and nine smaller bouys. The nets are approximately 650 feet long. Boaters and anglers are encouraged to watch out for these markers and to avoid boating or fishing near them. Anglers who catch tagged fish, are encouraged to report the catch to the MDNR. Anglers can call the Lake St. Clair Fisheries Research Station (586-465-4771) to report catching tagged fish or if they have additional questions regarding the net survey. Anglers can also report catching a tagged fish on the internet at

Area of MDNR Trap Nets in Anchor Bay
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