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Well, the DNR/ legislature is up to again.
They are going to change to limit another 100 miles of streams/ rivers to flies only. This will bring the total mileage limited to flies only up to 200 miles of streams/ rivers with the bulk of it in the lower peninsula.
Now many of you will say so what, but let me tell you the rest of the story.
Only 100 miles of the streams/ rivers in the state were allowed by LAW to be limited with these regulations. A couple specail interest groups approached the DNR, groups such as Trout Unlimited and MUCC, and they "requested" another 100 miles to be the total to 200 miles. So the legislature who rights the laws changed the law and added the extra 100 miles to the new law.
The DNR is again doing something that will benefit a few and is really making the decision based off of the request of special interest groups. If I am not mistaken, wasn't someone who is pretty high up in the dnr once involved with MUCC..?
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