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Warm stable weather would help improve fishing. Night temperatures in the mid 40's and daytime temperatures in the low 70's coupled with constant northwest winds is great weather for anglers, but it does not help fishing one bit at all. Catch rates are usually best on the day before storms are forecast.

Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie - Good walleye fishing with limit catches reported. Fish were found in waters 18 to 27 feet deep out of Bolles Harbor near the Ohio line, the Fermi Plant, and the mouth of the Detroit River. Anglers are trolling reef runners and crank baits or running dipsey divers with a crawler harness. Good colors were purple and chartreuse, gold, white and pink. Largemouth bass and catfish have been caught in the Hot Ponds near the Monroe Power Plant.

Huron River - Not much to report except for the occasional smallmouth bass, carp, catfish, or gar taken. Check out the backwaters for bluegills.

Detroit River - Walleye have been caught in the lower Trenton Channel when trolling spoons or crawler harnesses during the day or rapalas at night. Some are handlining. Target the waters around Celeron Island and Horse Island. Good colors were pink, gold and brass. Perch, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass have been caught in the weed beds out near the shipping channel.

Port Sanilac - Lake trout are being caught anywhere from 80 to 130 feet of water.

Harbor Beach - Walleye fishing is fair north of the harbor. Long lines worked best however some were also using a crawler harness or Hot-n-Tots in 20 to 60 feet of water. Good colors were copper, orange, green or yellow with small blades. Lake trout were caught in 75 to 160 feet of water straight out and north of the harbor. Salmon fishing was slow but some were mixed in with the lake trout. For perch, try 30 to 60 feet of water or south of the cemetery. Good bass action around the weeds.

Port Austin - Walleye were caught in 16 to 40 feet of water off the Lighthouse and the Flat Rock Reef west of town. They were also found in 30 to 40 feet of water along the tip of the Thumb. Lake trout were caught in 80 to 130 feet of water.

Saginaw Bay - Had excellent largemouth bass fishing off the mouth of the Pine River in shallow waters. Walleye are still hitting however the weather did mange to slow the bite. All the common spots continue to produce; the Black Hole, Buoys 1 & 2, the Spark Plug, and between Fish Point and the Slot. The Callahan Reef was producing but it seems the fish have moved out deeper. Slow fishing at Caseville but warmer weather should get the walleye moving off Oak Point.

Saginaw River - Some walleye were caught at the mouth near the Power Plants.
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