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Trout and salmon fishing has picked up now that boats are able to get out on the Great Lakes. River fishing is good with the low water levels. Look for panfish activity to improve now that we have some warmer temperatures.

Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie - Fishing has been good in recent days with walleye caught off Stony Point in waters 19 to 24 feet deep. Trolling was the best method with a variety of baits. Good perch fishing was reported in 13 to 15 feet of water near Stony Point, Toledo Beach and the Dumping Grounds off Luna Pier. Try perch splitter rigs tipped with small minnows. Good channel cat action in the Hot Ponds near the Monroe.

Huron River - With water levels down, bass anglers are doing well with crayfish. A couple walleye were caught up near the dam. Catfish and carp action was good.

Detroit River - Walleye were caught in the Trenton Channel, around Celeron Island, Grosse Ile and Sugar Island. The better fishing was in the early morning and late evening when jigging, drifting or hand-lining. Bass fishing has also been good.

Lake St. Clair - Walleye were caught near the Grosse Point Yacht Club, the St. Clair Light, and the Dumping Grounds. Muskie were caught in Anchor Bay and perch were active along the shipping channel.

Lexington - Those trolling in 110 to 160 feet of water have found steelhead near the surface, chinook about halfway down, and lake trout at the bottom. Perch have been caught on various weed beds south of the port. The fish appear to be moving daily so anglers will need to move around to find them in 15 to 25 feet of water. Pier fishing was slow with only a few pike, smallmouth bass or chinook caught. Some are night fishing for channel cats.

Port Sanilac - Boat anglers have caught chinook, lake trout and steelhead. Perch fishing was hit-or-miss in waters up to 25 feet deep. The perch are moving so anglers will have to keep moving to locate schools of fish. Pier anglers were taking a few pike, bass and bluegill.

Harbor Beach - Walleye fishing picked up north of the harbor. Start in 25 feet of water and head deeper as the sun comes up. Fish were caught on long lines about 50 feet down in waters 130 feet deep. Good colors were copper, orange, green, yellow or blueberry muffin, some with small blades. Lake trout can be found in waters 80 to 150 feet deep straight out and north of the harbor. Try silver dodgers with green body baits close to bottom. Steelhead were hitting spoons 150 feet back in waters 125 to 150 feet deep. Good colors were bright pink and orange. The bass bite was good but perch fishing was slow.

Grindstone City - Had good walleye fishing on good weather days. Fish were caught on crawler harnesses in 20 to 40 feet of water. Boat anglers are finding lake trout, steelhead and the occasional salmon in waters up to 150 feet deep.

Port Austin - Walleye were caught in 20 to 45 feet of water when trolling or drifting crawler harnesses along the reefs between Sleeper State Park and Port Crescent State Park. Lake trout and steelhead were caught in waters up to 160 feet deep.

Saginaw Bay - Walleye were caught off Linwood in 15 to 20 feet of water and a couple miles northeast of the Callahan Reef when using crawler harnesses. Quanicassee had limit catches in 5 to 8 feet of water straight out from the mouth of the river. Good fishing was noted in 14 feet of water in the Slot. Sebewaing was good between Fish Point and The Slot in 16 feet of water. Shore anglers managed to catch some bluegills and a few pike in the marina. Bay Port had good walleye action around North Island. At Caseville, a few walleye were caught near Oak Point.

Saginaw River - A few walleye and some bass were caught near Essexville.
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