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Usually that title is followed by a lot of cuss words and negative stuff toward these gent's, but today I would like to say thank you to the Dodge #4 park crew. I was calling on a permit for Cass today and they were more than courteous and helpful. I know these guys get a lot of flack at times, but today...kudo's in you service.

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Great News!
My hat goes off to them as well.
Thank you!
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when are you doing cass?

ABA has a tourney out there but we were conflicting with Roy Randolph, so we have to change our date.

my director wants to make sure we arent stepping on any more toes. last thing we want is to rub other clubs the wrong way. its tough with so many in this area and us being one of the newest additions.

we may have to take cass off, but we hope to avoid having to do so. the american bass anglers printed 200,000 fliers nation wide with our schedule along with all the other divisions schedules. taking it off may anger the president.

madman himself
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Oct 2nd is our date. I also know that Sept 25th is open too. That is a Saturday.

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