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QUOTE(msu_gost8 @ Mar 3 2010, 04:01 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So I've been fighting off a bad mood now for 3 days, my fridge was in the midst of crapping out, and that was confirmed this morning.
- So tonight I'm shopping for a new fridge!

Then last night I was on my way home and a tire blew out on my truck.
- So it's new tires on the F150 this afternoon.

I was seeing these things as being so negative, thinking, oh great what will the #3 punch in the face be, but now I that I take a 2nd look, the glass may actually be half full! So far I've gotten 2 NEW things, and with my wife being due with our first in 20 days, I have a feeling the #3 will be the newest edition to my family, and of course LSC!

Feels good to vent my positivity.

So, yeah, our luck pretty much rivals each other....

Sorry to hear about your sh*tty week. We should have a reality show, Im tellin ya!!

Call Firestone for tires... they had the Destination line of tire (LE, AT) on sale Buy 3, get 1 free plus 10% off on your firestone card and 90 days same as cash!
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