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Do You Like Pictures Of Fish?

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If you guys wanna get together to complain about winter while swopping BS fishing stories. Ive arranged a LSCN tuesday night watering hole. TnT's at 15 and Harper. 1 dollar bottled beer 25 cent wings 1 dollar coney dogs and the best company in the world. We usually have over 30 members show up, only 5 of em use there boats correctly. "FISHING"

I put together a homepage. So if your killing time or you miss casting, trolling or drifting. Take a look see.

Fishing Pictures and more.

I got lucky with this big daddy.
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Yea, I like pictures of fish. Nice! That is a monster... This is a salmon I caught a couple of years ago in the Clinton River.
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Those are some b'utes!
Some real nice fish the both of you. Nice Salmon from the Clinton.
Walleye: I got to hear the story of that fish. The Clinton River? That is one great looking wall hanger.
If you guys arnt doing anything Tuesday night come on up to TnT's at 15 & Harper. We uaually have about 40 of us. We talk about anything from boats to fish, as well as how much we miss summer.

great site. the drunk pictures had me out of my chair laughing, and the sexy beast part was the kicker. i had to walk away for a minute, my girl friend kept telling to me to shut up i was laughing so hard. i gotta party with you guys sometime.

madbeers himself
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Thought you guys would like to see this pic of Black Lake sturgeon:
Clinton River, Michigan... My first time out, I was throwing small rooster tails, white 1/4 oz. I was getting several Salmon chasing it down, with a couple of taps but no takes. (2 Hours Out)

Day 2, I decided to stop and get some spawn and sacs and give it a second try. Well, there was a huge male I saw the day before that looked pretty nice in size, I went out near dusk and started throwing single eggs on a hook with a 1/32 oz split shot about 18" from the egg. (Pale Orange)

After just a few casts on the second day, BAM! I am hooked up, (reminder, since I am a Bass/Walleye Angler, I went out with a 7' rod and spinning real loaded with 100 yards of 8 Pound Spyder wire.) Lets just say once I set the hook it ran so far it nearly ran out all the line I had and had no choice but to jump in the shallow river and start chasing it down to get some line back. (No Waders, and COLD water). This was the end of October and only a couple inches short of a master angler king...

Well, to make a long story short after a long hard, cold battle that is what I landed.
39.25 in. 22 lb. Chinook Salmon

This fish has a blast!

This past fall was really productive and I was catching 5+ fish a day for 4 days in a row and kept two smaller males. I also hit for a Coho in spawing color and several steelies. After the monster I picked up a St. Croix 8.5 foot Steelhead Rod and a 9 foot Steelheader Rod by Ausable.
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Thats a nice story I would have rather of heard it in person over a bottle of bud. Did any of you guys see the photos. Good times were had by all. Mini, Big ha ha ha thats funny any ways Mini, myself as well as big all bs'ed about the fishing while staring at chicks and drinking cheap beer.

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HEY CBJ! Set the beer down and set the hook!!!!!! No wonder you hardly catch any


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