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Instead of giving Salvation Army donors art to hang on their walls, local artist Jim Clary said he will be giving them something to hang on their Christmas trees.

Every year, Clary, owner of Cap'n Jim's Gallery at 211 Huron Ave. in Port Huron, has given away a small print of his nautical-themed artwork to people who donate to the Salvation Army at the red kettle in his store.

But printing costs have increased, he said, and he thought an ornament might be more useful.

"People can get this and they don't have to frame it," he said.

The ornament he's designed is red with a white image of the Huron Lightship. Clary said the image is a shrunken, color-inverted copy of one of his ink drawings.

He found a Florida company to make 400 ornaments. He's paying them back by illustrating fish-themed ornaments, "which I can do standing on my head," he said.

Otherwise, the Huron Lightship ornaments would have cost him $1,000 to make, he said.

"The ornaments were made in this country," Clary added. "I thought they were going to be in China or something."

The ornaments will be available Nov. 27 through Dec. 19.

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