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is a sign you have paid too much. Shop around next time.

is a lucky omen if you do it naked. In a suit and you will soon be blushing socially.

your highest hopes will be realised if you see yourself enntertaining on a yacht.

drowning is not a good omen for bussiness matters. But if you, or the person drowning, are saved you will soon recoup any losses.

see a boat and it symbolizes your life, so the other details
should be interpretted accordingly. If it is calm waters life will be smooth. Stormy or murky waters and you're in for a rough ride. A sinking boat suggests a hidden danger round the corner.

My personal note:
It's more about your "struggle" of putting
your boat in the water. And Cassie is there in the dream "doing nothing" because she'll be there no matter what you do.
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