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Drifting a C Bouy

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Went out last night (Tuesday) from about 5:30 to 8:30. At about 7:00 caught two eyes about 10 mins. apart. One 18" and one 20". That was the best part of the evening! the rest of the time produced a few smallies and very small perch, one pike about 23". The drift was good with the wind blowing me towards shore. I started the drift about 100+- yards outside of the C marker. Eyes were caught on 36" drift rigs with white and pink blade and beads. Good time, nice night.
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Nice size fish. Can you tell me where the C marker is? I know it is in Anchor Bay, I believe straight out from the Baltimore Tower, but not sure. Thanks.
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The C marker is just out about a mile from the Lottie Schmidt subdivision - Brandenburg park area.
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