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NBAA Anglers who wish to sign-up for Early bird registration
bonus points.
I will be at the BassPro Classic with applications.
I can be found at the Shimano Booth on Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun.
Applications can be also found at the posting board next to the
fish tank and also at the Casting Kids sign in tablet near the
bathroom areas.
This year any angler who fished last year will receive 10 bonus
points if they are registered by April 1 ,2003.
Our shedules are posted on the this site, just check the Calendar.
I am the director for 3 different Divisions.
Div # 42 Tuesday nights on Lk St.Clair (Harley Ensign)
Div# 43 Wedesday nights on lakes in Oakland county.
5 tournament WEEKEND series on Lake St,Clair (Harley Ensign)

I hope you choose to join us this year.
Our group share the love of bass fishing while still enjoying
competing in a cash tournament.
Our Series encourages Anglers and their children and
younger anglers to form a team.
We are not a high pressure Pro style group.
If this sounds like the type of series you would like to support
please see me at the BPS Classic.
Thank you and best of luck to all the anglers this season in
what every tournaments you choose to fish in.
Paul Sacks NBAA Director.

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To Pr844s (Rich)
Hi Rich
I can only guess why the NBAA (Skeeter Warner) and the
Triton Boats choose to have the grand prize ( the boat package)
given away to any a any team which comes to the Classic in the
WEEKNIGHT Series only.
My best guess is that because the weeknights is geared for the
average angler and not the big sticks such as the larger Pro -style series do.
The NBAA has always encouraged the anglers to team up
with family members ( Kids are allowed to fish our series).
I have personally heard more postive comments on this change
than negative ones.
I would ask angler's to compare series. They are not always the
same or have the same goals.

If you want to fish a pro style MONEY series I would suggest anglers look at our WEEKEND series.
This is a full 8 hour tournament ( not 3 hours like the weeknights)
In this series the Triton boat Grand Prize must be won by the
best fishing team in the two day event.
Just like every other series.
PS. I do have to wonder why the sarcatic posts.
Is it cabin fever or just a way to bad mouth one series over another?
I have no ill will to any Tournament series or to any other angler.
If I don't like a way a series is run I just find one that I do like.
Of course if you have any real suggestions I would be happy to hear
from you and I will present them at the next NBAA Directors meeting.
PS: As for collecting membership fee's for bonus points.
This is only $25.00
Thinking behind this was to get a better idea of how many anglers
would be coming to each different Div. This helps the directors
like myself know if we need to increase our permits along with the
paying the extra money to the DNR.
It also saves us time at the first tournament by not having to
fill out applications and collect membership fees at the launch.

The NBAA does not collect early tournament ENTRY FEES.
Some series ask for $120.00 to $175.00 or more in up front
Just come to our events and pay at the ramp and you are in
just like every other angler in the event. No special starting
order. All anglers are equal.

Sorry for the long posting.
I wish you all the best this season in all the tournaments you fish.
Paul..... Sacks of BASS

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To Masterbass16

To anwser your question :
The NBAA tournaments are team events.
But because of a 5 fish limt per boat any angler may fish the
series alone.
Thanks for checking us out.
Hope to meet you at the BASS PRO Shops Spring Classic sale.
I will be at the Shimano booth Thurs-Sun.
Paul......Sacks of BASS

If you need a partner let me know. I may know of some
guys who also need to team up.

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"PS. I do have to wonder why the sarcatic posts.
Is it cabin fever or just a way to bad mouth one series over another?
I have no ill will to any Tournament series or to any other angler.
If I don't like a way a series is run I just find one that I do like."

Or more Paul....remember that without BASS no one would be playing this game.....


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I wish I knew where you get your figures from.
I have run weeknights for two years -two divisions and fished another div 3years ago. I have never averaged 20 boats more
like 14 in one div and 12 in the other and 3 years ago that div. averaged 15 boats.
Having spoken with Skeeter I have heard that some Div. don't even ave. 10 boats.
I guess this would effect your numbers., by quite a bit.

But even if you don't think SO WHAT. Why is it that ONLY collected funds are being looked at?
How about exspense to put on a tournament series.

I myself paid the DNR $ 120.00 in permits for each series.
Two Series , cost me $240.00 just to start.
Then theres a printing of flyers this cost me $ 120.00 last year.
Now lets figure in the 100 hours I spent at shows. The hours
I put in before the tournament and the hours I'm on the
computer to post the results on the NBAA Wedsite.
Or the fishing tackle I gave out to my teams. Last year I gave
out over $400.00 in product in the two weeknights series
and over $1,000.00 in the weekend series.Oh and how
about the trophies, those cost me out of pocket $ 84.00 per
Not even guessing at my gas spent going to sponors weekly.
Then theres the food expense . Pizzas for all at the 6th tournament and BBQ at the last tournament.
When all is said and done I think I broke even or lost money
in the weeknight series.
Some say why do you do it? IF YOU HAVE TO ASK WHY, YOU WOULD
NEVER UNDERSTAND. There is nothing more I love than to see
a father and his son or daughter bring fish to the scale.
The smile on a liitle girls face is worth more to me than 20
big sticks puffing up they egos.

Now if your going to make up figures, how about SKEETERS
1) HOW ABOUT FEEDING 250+ ANGLERS AND WIFES AT THE CLASSIC? Think this FREE? NO it's thousands of dollars.
2) What about insurance for the tournamnets. Guess that is free also. WRONG.
3) How about Skeeters time at shows. I Know that he and
KAREN have done many shows already and still have more to go.
4) You talk about $.037 for postages. Did you not get the
printed magazines, I did. I guess this too is free. What about the printing charges?
5) The NBAA has a great website. I had my tournaments results
up on the site in 24 hours of the tournament. Oh, by the way
there is a webmaster who gets paid.
6) Travel exp. I know that Skeeter made it a point to get to most
Div at least once. He made it to one of mine and even had a
dinner waiting for our anglers when we got off the water.
7) How about the trophies Skeeter paid for for each div winners.
8) What about the shirts that the director receive? Free......NOT

And these are just some of the exspenses.
I think you are getting the point by now.
The man does more for his anglers than most.
Should he make a living from his tournament series?
HELL YES. I don't think you work for nothing?
You say you work hard for your money, so does Skeeter.
I think he earns every penny he gets.
Sorry if I sound harsh in my comments, by only one side
of a story is not the whole story.
Paul S.

This will be the last time a defend the NBAA to you.
If you don't think the NBAA is a excellent series than so be it...
I do along with the 1000+ members who return year to year.

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you cant expect someone to devote that much time and energy and not get anything in return. im sure paul isnt making his living directing 3 divisions from june til september. i know paul, he is a good guy. he has helped me out with many things. and while i cant fish the weekend st clairs this year because i am fishing the bfl, i will fish the weeknight series on lsc. the first tournament i fished with nbaa was last year and all i know is that they put on a great show. after weigh in, there were hotdogs, chips, and pop. and after that, they gave out free tackle ( rod and reel combo, tackle bag, variety of lures, outboard oil, etc). everyone walked away with a full belly and something to throw in ther tackle box.

we all know you are unhappy with the changes made to the weeknight division classic and thats fine, i dont blame you for being upset, but as paul said, the weekends are more for the "pros" and the weeknights are more for the guys who just like to fish competitivly. i fished both last year and ther was a big differnce in the number of boats on the weeknd compared to the weeknight.

i am not familiar with the gnt, but from what doug has said about it, it sounds good. they have a weeknight division on lsc also. it would be worth checking out if you are not planning on fishing with the nbaa anymore. but lets all chill on the name calling and finger pointing. its getting old. lets all get along. we are all here for the same reason. WE LOVE TO FISH! just because we belong to differnt clubs and maybe have differnt ideas on what tournaments should be like, we are still part of a great group of people who just want to get a line wet.

madman himself

whats up paul, you are the man!

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Thank Madman you for your comments.
Finally a man who understands reason and common sense!!!
Best of luck to in all your tournaments
If I can ever help you out, just ask and I'm There!
Paul .... Sacks of BASS

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you are not making anyone mad. and im not saying you are wrong. but for a brief minute there, you were challenging paul to defend himself and the nbaa. all i was saying is that the decision to change the way the boat was won was in no part pauls fault. if you want to point a finger, aim it in the right direction. and the point i was trying to make about the weeknights is this: and i will take the long road here. i used to fish pontiac lake tournaments every thursday night. its a small group of guys ( 10 -12 boats) same guys every week. soem guys fished by them selves, some brought there sons, some there wives, some ther friends. everyone in that group had a chance to win, there wasnt one guy who won every time. now put a kevin van dam in this group ( i know it is an extreme but it will help my point) he knows he can out fish everyone ther no problem so now he starts fishing with us every thrusday and wins every time, how long do you think the other guys will keep donating there money. while fishing against a kevin van dam would surely make us all smarter anglers, it would take too long and cost too much to keep fishing the event before one could actually compete with the man himself. i fish the weeknights because i am not even close to pro status. i fish lsc tuesday nights in a 16 ft fisher with a 40 hp against guys with 22 ft statos of tritons or 9 series nitros. i have the smallest boat ( and slowest) of any of them. but the guys who are out there are at the same level if not a little better than i am. i can compete with them. these are the guys who fish 1 or 2 times a week. now, when i am with my normal partner ( he lives in chicago so we can only fish together on the weekends ) i can compete on a higher level. we have a faster boat, and we can both consistantly catch fish. anyway, back to my point, kevin vandam, pontiac lake, how many months, or even weeks do you think the same guys who get beat up every week by "the pro" would still come back. i guess what i am trying to say is that there are differnt events for different people. look at the flw or bass. who has the time and money to travel all over the country to fish in all these events. a handful. thats it. thats why there is the bfl and the ever-start series. for people who want to fish on a higher level but dont have the time or the cash to fish in the big leagues. and it goes down from there. from the bass trail to the thursday nights on pontiac. ther are events for everyone.

and again i want to say that i dont think you are wrong for being upset. who am i, or anyone else to tell you that your opinion is wrong. im just saying that there are many other options you could look into.

madman himself
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