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Sunday morning I hit the water really early, about an hour before first light. I was all geeked up to break in in my new beckman net
Building Window Shade Wood Fixture

and the musky box I made

Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Rectangle Wood stain

So out I go from harley to water with the slightest chop. I figured it was going to be a good day. heading south I worked some deep weed edges with top water & black bucktails. Nothin going on there. Once the sun came up I headed around metro to the deeper weed edges there and was tossing buckies and bulldawgs. around 9 somethings smashed a bulldawg! I set the hook & the fish shook it's head hard......oooo big fish! I was thinking. It took off on a short run turned hard and jerked it's head, and I heard a loud pop. My #100 lbs braid went slack................... It snapped just below the surface. I just respooled it a couple days ago and this was the first time I used it so not sure what went wrong but... Oh well that's musky fishing. Would have loved to at least seen her though.

After that nothing much happened. Tho I did catch a 10" largemouth on a super shad rap up by laddy. When I went up that way there was a huge quantity of boats south south west of grassy. based on the # of boats out there had to be a tourney of some sort going on. Lots of trollers & bass boats out.

I hit the launch about 11:00

When I tried to fill my box up I turned on the raw water pump and swung the valve open only to discover that I need a new hose! Thankfully the hole is after the valve. So that's my next job, replacing hoses.

I sealed the joints of the box with 5200 and then put 2 coats of water seal on it. Since I have scuppers I had to set it up a bit and as you see I also attached a metal ruler inside on the bottom. THe overall inside length is 64". A little trick if you decide to build one is to put the 5200 on the boards before you screw them together. It'll help seal the joints better.


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