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I was just wondering what you have purchased from there and what was it like?
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i have bought a bike from chicago and a cadillac from california.., does that count??? worked out well.
I bought my boat on ebay. so far so good. got a good deal also.
Oh yea, I had to go to new jersey to pick it up but we stopped in niagra falls and made it a fun trip.
I purchased a few cars on Ebay. Sold a few too.
I buy music/drums stuff all the time on Ebay.
Just be sure when you see a $100 item selling for $50 to check the shipping costs. It's probobly an extra $75!!.

Never once had a bad experience. Be sure the seller has lots of positive feedback.
I purchased 3 dish network satellite dishes on EBay..
Also a few electronic switches..
No problems..
A friend of mine got screwed out of almost a grand by someone selling a laptop... And it was a store that went out of business...
Last week I became addicted to Ebay ... I almost gave pauligan my access to ebay to bid on a purchase that was almost ending and I couldn't be around (didn't want to be outbidded)... 4 purchases in a weekend. 3 of the 4 arrived already, 2 of the 3 were fine.. the one a little misleading... but something I already suspected.

I say bid on girl ... just make sure to check the sellers feedback!, sell....anything and everything....Just read very carefully and if you have any questions ask the seller. If you don't like the way they answer, don't buy from them. Follow your instincts.

Happy bidding!
I've bought a lot of items off of E-Bay. Never had a problem. Make sure you find out shipping and insurance costs prior to buying, it may cost more than the price of the item. I personally prefer to pay via PayPal. I feel it's the safer than giving a total stranger your credit card numbers. Good luck!
Milord buys A LOT of stuff from ebay and we have not been screwed over yet. You can get some really good deals!
boat some okuma reels, musky lures, jewlery, never a problem
I found our boat on Ebay but couldn't bid on it because we hadn't sold our boat yet. Ours sold the weekend after the auction ended so I called the seller and told him I would be interested in it if his deal fell through. He called me back the next day and said the buyer didn't send a deposit, so I did.

I've also bought a full set of gauges and backed out of a deal for hydraulic steering that was misrepresented.
I use eBay for everything and have been buying and selling on it for a few years now. It's great!

One thing you need to have is patience, both before and after the transaction. By this I mean, if you see something you want badly and it's not at the right price for you, let it pass and wait for your price to come up from someone else's auction.

After the transaction, you need to be aware that you're dealing with someone who works at their own pace, not yours, so if your product doesn't come in a week, DO NOT leave negative feedback. Many new people jump the gun and instantly give negative feedback. This is bad. Wait at least 30 days before you decide to do it. By then, the transaction is obviously bad.

Finally, be aware of shipping and other hidden fees, also check the feedback rating and definitely stay away from people who have only sold 10 items and have 5 negatives already.
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QUOTE(Spur @ Jun 18 2004, 07:01 AM)Never once had a bad experience.
wish i could say that! lol!

actually, that was the only bad experiece i had (with my brief demented email-pal). i've bought lots of unique decorating stuff, old movie posters, surf stuff...
LOVE ebay!
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Bought my dining room set and hutch off ebay:

600 bucks for everything

850 to ship it.


bought my sisters 50's b-day presents on there and had them shipped straight to her.

no problems yet!

not a crazed ebay shopper... unlike c-girl.
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anything and everything is there
just have to look and find it
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I have bought 109 items off ebay and have been screwed own fault though, I don't usally read the sellers feedback B4 I bid....I have a knack for finding the rip off artests I guess.....
I have bought and sold everything from boat parts to cameras to kids clothes to electronic cat boxes. Just empty my paypal account for 1500 bucks worth of crap that I sold that was laying around the house.
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