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I've seen the same experience as boatnfish - on Saginaw Bay and St. Clair, if you aren't in danger, they may not come and tow you. They will tell you to call a commercial tow. My friend had to get service earlier this year since we were unable to rescue his boat ourselves (stuck in real shallow water) and prices ranged from ~$500 to $1,000 from the St. Clair tow/recovery services (from 9 Mile area and Clinton River area). I don't remember which service he ended up with by name.

I think the least I've heard for a short tow is ~$350 which is probably why I had a tuna boat captain pay me $100 a few years ago to tow him from the Sny back into Harley (I wouldn't have taken money from you fellow anglers - well, maybe enough for a cheeseburger if you had the winning weight for an FLW in the livewell...).

I know another angler who was towed in by Canadian Coast Guard on Erie because of boat problems, so I guess it appears to depend on the day and the location, but don't count on the free tow from a Coast Guard or Sherriff.

The best thing is to have friends, be safe, keep the important stuff tight and maintained, and have multiple means of communication and navigation.
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