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Erie darter

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well i have been hearig a lot about them and i was interested in possibly getting a few packs, but i was wondering what the best way to fish these baits out on erie would be and what colors i should get, if these baits arent the best what is working for you out on erie the best? thanks
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i dont think there is a wrong way to fish a darter.

i fish them a bunch of different ways from pitching to drop shotting.

out on erie i mainly use two different methods though. i will either carolina rig it or put it on a 1/8 oz to 1/4 oz darter head. if you use a darter head, experiment with short hops and work your way up to hard snaps to really get that thing off the bottom.

plenzer melon is a favorite color of mine. bryan knows his stuff and really came up with a great combo on that one. the smoke with purple and gold flake works well also as does pretty much anything from greens to smokes and whites.

i was pre fishing for a tournament on wixom lake and caught a ton of fish on darters. i was pitching them and catching largies. went out deeper and put a 3/16 oz nose weight on and hooked into some decent smallmouth and had something big break me off. probably a 7 lb smallmouth but i guess it could possibly been a pike, but i like the smallmouth story better.

you can fish them as a soft jerkbaits as well. the little ribs move a lot of water and create vibration.

if your in canada and its a tough bite, try drop shotting the darter as well. i have caught a bunch of fish this way.

play around with it, its a great bait. like i said, there is no wrong way to fish it.

madman himself
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