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Went out today,,,,, 7AM to 1 PM fished our butts off the fish that have been there for the past week and a half are looking for deeper water 80 dagree temps got the water up, caught 3 eyes couple 20s and a 18 about 389 sh#: heads couple silver bass might of had a feww more if i brought the correct board releases,,,, forgot the the Walleye releases and brought the Musky releases could have dragged that poor fish around for an hour or so, to tight of a pad line would not pop,same for the other two,,,,,,, tots orange and chrome and blue and chrome did not mark much,,,,,,,, went out of Sterling,,,, 1.5 and 2.2 ed it in front of Fermi and made out way over to the Banana,,,,,,,,,,might have to wait till the fall or head to them dirty little sisters.......
o well it was worth calling in sick...........nice day....................
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