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Evil Shot Girl in the HOUSE!

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Hey there Peeps! After much talk about it - I'm finally a Newbie.

You guys sure know how to PAR-TAY!!
Dave and I will be up for more come Friday night!!

Well I better get back to my homework. If I fail my classes I'm blaming it on LSCN!! This is too addicting!!!
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I don't think I know who you are so WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!
Welcome aboard! Tell us about yourself!
I said who is evil shot girl and CK said thats WETBOXS wife ,,,IM like ,whos wetbox,,,u mean wetbar
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My name says it all! haha
People on Zman's boat named me. They love all the shots I give them (until the hang over in the morning)!!

You've met me. I'm married to David. We own Wetbar.

Thanks for the welcome afiremen and pampurred!!
Welcome aboard Laurie/E.S.G., and I am sure I will meet you Friday night.
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welcome wetbox's wife evil shot girl! wahooooooooooo!!!
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Welcome!, i have yet to do a shot with ya two, will have to soon !
don't think I've met you but WELCOME!!!
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we have never met but welcome aboard !

Let me warn everyone right now, it only takes one of her shots to party
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Aaaaah Shiiiiiit!!!!!!! Double trouble!
Welcome aboard, Evil! Cool name and even cooler gettin' everyone smashed on evil shots, heeehhheeee (in evil, Vincet Price laugh).
Might see you and Dave Friday night, welcome aboard.


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1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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