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Fished with a buddy from about 11am-4pm yesterday, and man, was it SLOW!

Hopped around a little bit, and managed 7 keepers betwwen the two of us, with only 1 being under 10". One was a real hog, about 14". My buddy got a double header of 11"s. Only about 6-8 throwbacks all day, so less than 20 fish between the two of us all day. Minnows were all we tried. Only a handful of people out there for a Saturday--most were probably scared away by the sloppy ice.

Ice was VERY slushy, but at least 8" thick, with clear ice about 3" under the slush on top. Just be careful at first, especially since it seems pretty warm out there today.

On the bright side, buddy let me keep the fish, which I fried up last night. Mmmmmmmm!
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