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He's a punk a$$, prima donna, figure skater. I thought they should have traded his a$$ the year he wanted to sign with Carolina. They should have sent him to a Losing team to match his attitude.

True he could be one of the greatest players on the ice, but only when he comes to play. Those games are few and far between. He's more concerened with the angle the camera catches him as he blindly passes the puck to the opposing team, then he is about being a team player.

As far as I'm concerned, Good Riddance! It opens the doors for players like Datsuyk and Zetterburg and gave Detroit the extra cash to go after Hatcher. Hatcher will be much more valuable to this team when he's back and ready to play in the playoffs, then Federov could ever dream of being!

I was happy to hear the resounding boos as he touched the puck!
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